The 10 Best Restaurants In Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh


Cambodia has become one seriously popular destination for tourists in recent years. Apart from the ancient history and unspoilt nature, authentic cuisine is also a massive appeal, especially between the streets of Phnom Penh‘s buzzing Boeung Keng Kang district. We list the best places to visit for a taste of things.

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Café Soleil

As a Buddhist country, Cambodia is littered with vegetarian options. Café Soleil is just one of the renowned restaurants offering meat-free fare in BKK, ranging from spring rolls to pumpkin salads, papaya mixes and home-made yogurt. Another unique feature of the restaurant is the use of brown rice instead of ordinary white rice. This whole-grain alternative boasts a higher nutrition value and chewier texture;

Domrei Kitchen

This comfy and romantic restaurant decorated in shades of white with natural elements and plants is always filled with couples by evening. Diners can choose to enjoy their food in the dreamy outdoor garden or the elegant dining room. There is a wide array of authentic Khmer dishes on the menu, including fish amok, a variety of curries, spring rolls and coconut cakes. Carefully selected cocktails and beers are also available.

Digby’s Grocer Butchery Café

Quality and character drive this restaurant. The Khmer owner traveled from a refugee camp to America, before returning to his home town, armed with knowledge of authentic state-side cuisine. Consequently, the menu in this welcoming joint sports a wide selection of international dishes, ranging from German sausage platters to American burgers and Italian carbonara.

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TEAV Restaurant & Bar

A meal at TEAV Restaurant & Bar, hidden in the 4-star TEAV Boutique Hotel is a stylish affair. The simple décor and customized furniture give it a fresh modern vibe, while the extensive menu offers a fine collection of delicious international cuisine. The wine list is particularly interesting.

Da Sandro Panini Bar

Simplicity and strong flavors are the key to the success of Da Sandro Panini Bar. Every freshly baked panini is prepared with fluffy bread, seasonal veg, sliced meat and home-made sauces. The bar transports its guest to Italy through its decorations too with its rustic wooden blackboards, chic red chairs and exposed brick walls.

Needa Bar & Restaurant

This elegant restaurant serves authentic Thai food at its best. The combination of an elephant wall painting and rustic décor adds to the ambience of Thai culture created by the owners and the Siam cuisine that is presented in a delicate manner in a green and leafy setting.

The Common Tiger

Renowned South African chef Timothy Bruyns (of Song Saa fame) is the force behind The Common Tiger’s fantastic fusion dishes. Determined to promote local herbs and regional ingredients, Bruyns offers creative twists on local staples; a self-proclaimed ‘progressive Asian’ cuisine. The constantly changing menu is an excellent showcase of his endless creativity and dedication to deliver the best to each customer.

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The best of the Indian kitchen and delicious Thai cuisine are captured on the dining table of Coriander. The extensive, meat-free menu throws out mouth-watering staples such as onion pakora, vegetable samosa, mint raita and tomato chilli raita. However, the restaurant is not purely Indian, pizza and burgers are also available, as well as alcoholic drinks, including craft beers.

New York Steakhouse

American style runs wild here in a blend of celebrity photos, plush leather chairs and red sofas under dim pool lights. The Steakhouse has grown its reputation through serving a variety of juicy beef cuts, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside in the style of real U.S. barbecue. Oh, and don’t forget the wine list either, all catalogued on an efficient iPad system.

Hilary’s Boutique Rose Apple Restaurant

Situated in Hilary’s Boutique Hotel, this restaurant showcases the finest Khmer food, making use of seasonal herbs and spices. Kampot pepper, the main seasoning in most of the dishes, is the highlight of the lot. Said to be the King of pepper, this condiment delivers a complicated taste that blends sweet and spicy flavors perfectly. Guests here can also order freshly squeezed juices and mocktails made with lemongrass, ginger and lime juice.

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