Chinese food: Wontons


Wontons (馄饨húntún /hwnn-twnn/) are a traditional Chinese breakfast food. This popular food can be found in most Chinese cities. Wontons are made of a square wonton wrapper (a dough skin made of flour and water) and fillings.

Traditional Chinese breakfast

Wontons’Wonton noodles’ is one of the most popular breakfast foods in Guangdong Province.
They can be boiled in fragrant and watery broth, steamed in a bamboo steamer, or fried in a high-heat wok.

fried wontons
fried wontons

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They are available with a large variety of fillings, such as ground pork, shrimp, fish, mushroom, and vegetables.

Various types of wontons

Actually each region of China has its own variations on the wonton. For example, in Guangdong, the wonton is usually filled with shrimp and minced pork, and served with tiny noodles to make ‘wonton noodles‘.


In Sichuan, because the Sichuan people like spicy food, wontons are served with red chili oil, and called ‘red oil fried hands'(红油抄手 hóngyóu chāo shǒu /hong-yoh chaoww shoh/).

In Shanghai or Suzhou, wontons are usually served with chicken soup or pork bone soup. They are best eaten with something dry, like a boiled egg or steamed bun. Learn more on How to Cook Wontons.


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